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Midwest to invade Portland for NSXPO 2008

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
It is that time to rally the troups and make our presence felt at another NSXPO. We have become infamous for showing up in large numbers at NSXPOs in other regions if for no other reason than to act as bodyguards for keN SaX in order to protect against assassination attempts by e-thugs from the West Coast. Okay, we don't really care about keN, we only care about maintaining access to the club's money, but still...

Online registration is now open at http://www.nsxpo.org/. Take advantage of the early bird discount and pay ONLY $250 for the fun and privilege of seeing the sights of the Northwest while meeting a great group of NSX owners and enthusiasts. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DISCOUNT IS AVAILABLE ONLY IF YOU REGISTER BY JULY 31. The Registration Fees increase after that.

And don't worry about not having your NSX with you because it is not necessary to have your own NSX with you to enjoy the event. Many of our members have attended previous NSXPOs out West and no one regretted being NSXless.

In case you have not attended an NSXPO before, here are some links from a few of our prior excursions:

NSXPO 2007 Ohio

NSXPO 2006 Florida

NSXPO 2005 Arizona

NSXPO 2004 New York

NSXPO 2003 California


P.S. Apologies to Bob O. for stealing his language and photos. :wink:
Yes. That was at the Fantasy of Flight.

I believe there were several NSXs that didn't make it to the group photo which was taken on the last day.