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Model F14 Video -- this ROCKS!

You guys didn't know about remote control jets?

There are a whole ton of them out there. MiGs, F18s, F86s, all kinds of cool stuff. They can cost like $20,000, tho.
^ == my next hobby.

I love this stuff. I've seen examples of an F-14 w/ swept wings, an SR-71, and even a multi-engined B-52. The engines are expensive and you better be sure about your R/C piloting skills.

The ducted fan engines sound great but the real turbine engines are the ones to listen to.
haha i love the Top Gun music

nice touch :D
skynet0419 said:
haha i love the Top Gun music

nice touch :D

I was just about to say I hate the Top Gun music :biggrin: Would've rather heard those little turbines spooling up than cheesy Kenny Loggins from the '80's :rolleyes: but I guess its appropriate for the content.

Did the guy controlling that think seriously have protective eyewear on?
Juice said:
I prefer remote control personal stimulation devices myself. You can find video of that anywhere on the web though. :)

:eek: :confused: Huh? Little too much info man....... :smile:
That is sweet, I think i'm gonna get one of those someday!
Very sweet. If i recall, a lot of Top Gun was done with remote control jets.
Here's one of a HUGE B-52 Stratofortress. There are three videos of it (no music - thank goodness) so you can hear the engines spool up and wind down. I haven't checked the link lately but the owner of the webpage added a new video, the crash. How sad.


Here's another on the YF-23, my favorite bird (see my avatar). This guy has extensive photos and videos on production and testing. There are tons of photos and videos spanning over ten pages. The videos are great but for some reason all flight testing results in a crash. Not sure if the engines are underpowered since it won't fly straight but dragging its tail. One of these days, I'd like to build and fly my own YF-23 RC model.

In the link below, click it and then select IMAGE BASE link in the upper left corner. A new page pops up with a menu bar. Select YF-23 EDF PROJECT and you'll be directed to the page. I don't have a direct URL since it appears the same as you go through the website (which hasn't been updated since 2002).