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must watch safty of tires.

Discount Tires [Americas tire] in Redwood City,Ca tried unloading 5-year old Michelin PS2s size 225/35-18s. Acted dumb when I read the date after being mounted. CHECK THOSE LAST FOR DIGITS on all your cars. Where the D.O.T. stamp is located. Example: 4206 means forty-second week of 2006.
thats very interesting and should be something everybody is aware of just as much as checking tire pressure.

so is it the tire manufacturer thats being held responsible or the retailer? it said the retailer who sold that kids dad the tires settled a settlement with thier family, but without any laws in place is that the company to blame?

even if they put a law in to place of not being able to sell tires 4 years or older, in the weeks before its effectiveness retailers would be hustleing to get the raggity old tires out of thier wharehouses.

i have always bought the latest and greatest tire models so i havent worried about dried up old tires, maybe the retailers should be required by law to state the tires age during sale, and on tire receipt? that would atleast be a start to any other laws.
You know I always wondered about tire shelf life but never looked into it. Good info. Thanks for sharing.