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my 1991 won't start

If you are doing the injectors, either new or having them cleaned, given the age of your car replace the O rings / seals on each injector. Chances are that once they are disturbed they will not reseal. There are 4 O rings on each injector, parts #2, #3, #20, #21

Will do, some of the injectors came with these. Are these universal for all injectors made by the manufacturer?
Im following along, curious to see what you find as you replace stuff. Good luck! Also, I'm up in WI but am willing to come and help if you need a second set of hands for anything.
Will do, some of the injectors came with these. Are these universal for all injectors made by the manufacturer?
If they are new injectors, those are new o-rings. Also, RC will include new O-rings post-cleaning (well they used to anyway).

One tip on those, it's really easy for the top O-rings to get pinched on install. Acura actually did this to my 91 and it was peeing gasoline all over the top of the engine. 😳🔥🔥🔥 Take extra care to make sure those O-rings go in smoothly (use some clean engine oil to help).
I have not done the injectors on my NSX; but, I have R&R'd the injectors on other cars. I like to grease the seals / O rings up with O ring lube, or silicone grease or di electric grease. If stuff does not go together easily you know something is amiss and requires further checking / positioning.
Just wanted to update everyone here. I ordered all new ntk sensors (map, intake air temp, 2x oxygen sensors. I figured these would be the best. Hopefully this will help even out my fuel mixture that fouled the plugs.

New injectors are ordered and all fuel-related relays arrived from mita yesterday.

I’m becoming addicted to ordering parts 😄

The only thing I haven’t decided on is a battery.

I will pick one up today and then I’ll be installing everything on Sunday.

Also, does anyone have the write up saved from the guy that made ABS modulator rebuild kits? I am interested in doing that but his link to the pdf no longer works.
SO, I've installed everything. But now I am held back by the battery. I clipped back the wire to remove the corroded part, because the wire was crumbling before my eyes. Now I can't get the cable to reach the posts. I can either switch to a battery that has a positive post in the rear right, or purchase a different kind of terminal that uses ring lugs.

Anyways, I found a huge issue while replacing my IAT and air filter. The IAT was covered in black grime and so was the air filter and throttle body. There is A LOT. No idea when it was last cleaned. I have had the car since July and never looked. Definitely needs a cleaning before I install the expensive MAP sensor.
The car now starts and is running very well. I think it was the main relay. I had a lot of fun working on the car and learned a lot of new things. Thank you everybody for the help!