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My NSX got me out of a speeding ticket

13 September 2000
Encino, CA
Late last night I was cruising on the freeway around 78mph, minding my own business
.. Stepped on the gas a little to make a lane change & pass the slower car I was approaching.. (Ok, that and listen to the twin turbos (just installed) spool up)..

And after changing lanes, I notice the headlight of a bike that was hiding a few hundred feet back. He comes up fast, and sure enough, it's a cop.

Drives up next to me, looks in. Drives in front of the car, looks at the nose. Drops behind me and turns on the lights.


I pull off to the side, and he asks "Where you going in such a hurry?" and I figure I'm sunk.

After giving him my license, etc, he goes & writes up the ticket... Comes back and tells me:

"The ticket's for no front license plate. I'm letting you off with a verbal warning regarding your speed..."


"I figure with a car that looks like this, you're going to need every break on tickets that you can get."

Wow. I feel lucky as hell. And to think, the NSX got me out of a ticket when my driving got me into one.

I'm glad to hear this happened her in LA too. Hopefully if I get stopped it'll be by the same guy.

Going on the LA Canyon Drive this Sunday? We have about 4 of us so far meeting up here in West LA to drive down together to the meeting place in the valley.
if it had of been me, the cuffs would have been slapped on, and guns would have been pulled...I have terrible luck with tickets!! Good karma....pass it my way!
Originally posted by ilya:
Going on the LA Canyon Drive this Sunday? We have about 4 of us so far meeting up here in West LA to drive down together to the meeting place in the valley.

Yep (I'm going). Didn't know about the West-LA meet though! I'm definitely up for that. When & where? (Email me with your phone #'s/contact info). Thanks!

netNSX- What's the CHP11-99 foundation?

Originally posted by PUREVIL:
What was that about Twin Turbos again?

I'll post full reports soon with all the details. Just got the final piece installed last night, am now in the tuning phase.

I'll probably be posting a few questions soon re: tuning, such as why the darn NSX O2 sensor never seems to read more than .90 voltage even when I richen things up a ton and make EGT's drop!

Within the first 15 mins of tuning, the car was running very well/smoothly so I'm already enjoying the extra power. Even at the 3-ish psi I'm currently running, the power is quite noticeable.

What's the CHP11-99 foundation?

Seems like a pretty good deal...1500 bucks, one time gets you out of a lot of tickets
. Anyone know of a WHP or OHP?

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I dont know anything about the CHP 11-99 foundation, but has anyone ever seen the license plate frames in CA that say KA 4993?

That is farily old school CHP code identifying family of highway patrol officers. I have this frame on all of my cars and it has gotten me out of at least 4 tickets.
I've been a member of the 11-99 foundation for about 6 years now. It has definetly gotten me out of a few situations, both while driving and other situations.

I'd say the most effective it has been was on a trip to vegas. It was about 2am and a friend and I decided to go to vegas and party for a few days. Since it was so late and no one was on the road I was cruising between 100-125mph. Around Barstow right past the needles junction I decided to lay into it a bit. As soon as I hit the accelerator the V1 went off so I downshifted. This didnt help because the CHP officer was using instant on and I was the only car on the road. He pulled behind me for about 4 miles while I cruised at about 75 or so. I finnaly he pulled me over and asked for my license and registration. All the while my friend in the seat next to me told me how screwed I am. In the back of my mind I'm hoping this guy doesnt impound me car. I gave the officer my registration and opened my wallet that had the badge and license showing. Without even looking at the wallet he asked me to take it out of the wallet. At this point I thought I was really screwed because the last thing I wanted to do is say look I am a 11-99 member. So I just left it open in plain view. When he handed the ID and reg back he finnaly noticed it and said whats that? I gave him the schpeel, and he got really stern and said I know exactly what that is. You see these stripes each one is 5 years of service I know what that is. I think he had like 5 or so stripes. At this point I thought I was going to jail. He then asked me how fast was I going. I figured the best thing to do was be honest so I told him about 120mph or so. He said try 128mph. He then went on to tell me how he has seen so many accidents on the road and he would hate to see me be one of them. After that he tapped the car and said keep her under 80 and we wont have a problem. Vegas isn't going anywhere, take your time it just may save you money. I said thank you sir.

The 11-99 foundation has definetly gotten me out of some binds. From what I hear though some of the younger CHP officers don't even regard it though. Bottom line its for a good cause, you can write it off, and it may just save your ass when your out in your car doing what its made to do.