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my red NSX

I have a Red/Black 92....when I bought it, it needed a little extra love.
I used the Meguiars Spot Free Wash, then dried 100% cotton only, then
purchased the Meguiars 3 Step Proccess.

Step 1 (in a bottle) Paint CLeaner- wipe on/ wipe off don't let dry
Step 2 (in a bottle) Paint Polish -gives a wet look wipe /on wipe off
Step 3 (again bottle) Carnuba Wax-smells good-wipe on let dry wipe off

I know some people use the buffers etc. but this stuff really works great.
Use a bunch of baby diapers for all the wipe off...
I have a 92 red/black. I bought it in the fall but just detailed it a couple of weeks ago. What you need to do depends on the condition of the paint. Realizing the paint is 10 years old, I would start all over on it. Here's what I did and the paint is incredible. A neighbor of my parent's brought home a Ford GT and I rolled up and parked my NSX next to it. There were a bunch of people there to look at the Ford but my 13 year-old car got plenty of attention. Nobody could believe the paint. Here's my process.

1. Get my 15 year-old son to help for the day.
2. Wash
3. Clay-bar
I used a porter cable buffer applying everything except the wax. I took residue off by hand first then with a micro fibre bonnet on the PC
4. Menzerna intensive polish Porter CAble
5 Menzerna Final Polish
6. Meguire's swirl mark remover (twice)
7. 3M hand glaze
8. 3 coats of Pinnacle Souverain
9. Beer

The extra effort is worth it.