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My search now focuses on a 1994

4 September 2000
Several days ago, I posted a comment that I had sold my C5 as had embarked upon the great search for a NSX. Several of you were kind enough to respond, which I appreciated. I have concluded that the car which best meets my tastes is a five speed 1994. Having examined the production numbers for 1994, I see that my best chances seem to be for a red or black car, which is fine by me. I have presently been searching the following locations: Yahoo classifieds, Traderonline, classifieds2000, specialcar, nsx.net, and, of course, nsxprime.

My request: If anyone out there can be of help in locating other resources to find a 1994, I would sure appreciate it. I would prefer to avoid a dealer, since under Arizona law I don't have to pay sales tax on a car purchased from a private party. Your comments and help would be sincerely appreciated.
There is a 94 for sale on my site classifieds. It is also posted elsewhere. There is a link to the seller's pics there also. Looks like a very nice car if it's still for sale.

Todd Arnold
Pls. visit my newly redone NSX site w/ lots of info and pics. Brand new classifieds and Message board. @

How funny!! I sold my 2000 C5 in March after only 4 months of ownership. And I bought a 94 Red/Tan NSX! (I found it on cars.com)

Many people thought I was mad to trade a new car for a 6 year old car, but I've never looked back. the NSX is a much better car than the C5. Women prefer it too!

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd
Thanks for the links -- I checked it out and it looks like a great car. However, I'm really looking for a car with low miles and no modifications. My budget is $45,000 to $55,000. Yes, I'm one of those factory original nerds. My dealer has almost persuaded me to lease a new 2000 NSXt -- it sure is tempting to sit in a car with thirty miles on the odometer and enjoy the aroma of all those wonderful new car chemicals. Mmm mmm good. However, as of now I'm still looking for that perfect low mileage '94.
Look on cars.com and autotrader.com. These two sites have more NSXs than all the other put together. Autotrader.com also usually has some photos.

Several members of this site, me included, bought cars found on autotrader.com, and with great success. Don't forget to do a carfax.com trace ($30) on the title before buying one.

Best luck.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
I just checked autotrder: it has 21 listings for 94s. Cars.com has 12 listings for 94s. A few of these were every low milage, with 13K-15K original miles!! Again, best luck.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s