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National Acura Meet News . . . .

15 March 2001
Greenville, SC
Thanks to Mark Yuen of the Legend Forums , who may i say, is a life saver, There are two possible Groups (one being the Honda/Acura Club, the other being Acura of St. Louis) interested in covering the event, and I agree whole-heartedly that we do need to make a firm commitment and soon.
As i have seen there have been close to 100 Legend owners that have attended various meets around the country in the last few monthes and at Carlisle the Legend will make it's biggest showing to date i imagine. Now with all the good things that have come from this we need to look at a national meet. The place is set for St.Louis. The dates I am thinking would be best are July 27-29. That is a friday saturday and sunday.
Now While i think doing one meet in one city is probably the best way to go i have heard from various other people, none form this board that they would rather do an East and west meet simultaneously. If that were the case I would think Philly and somewhere in Northern Cali would be the best way to look at that. But personally I would rather do One meet as sponsorship, press coverage and attendance i think would be higher.
So let's get the roll started. Who is serious about looking to attend a national Acura Meet in St.Louis. Post here or email me.

1991 Acura Legend

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St. Louis in late July is liable to be very, very, very hot and humid. That time of year, the average high temperature is even hotter than in Greenville SC.

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Yes, there is potential for it to be very hot and humid here in St. Louis at that time, although it is by no means a given. Depending on the location, time and type of activities it may not be a big issue. Too bad the Cards are in Chicago that weekend.

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As I have mentioned earlier, I will plan to attend. It would be nice to finalize dates as soon as possible. The weather can be quite warm, but most of us still have functioning A/C's. Hope to see you there!