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need a front license plate on your NSX? We have the solution - for 2002-05 NSX too!

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
hi guys --

We know that having to run a front license plate on your NSX stinks - especially if you have to use the factory plastic mounting bracket. The factory mounting bracket is mounted in front of the bumper. Aside from not looking attractive, it cause also cause paint on the bumper to wear behind the bracket.

We've designed two mounting solutions that not only look great - are much less expensive than the factory mounting bracket.

The new front license plate bracket is our easy solution. It mounts the license plate at a slight angle inset in to the bumper. It is designed to allow the license plate to follow the angles of the front end. Compared to a simple L shape bracket that can allow the license plate to fold back from air resistance, our bracket mounts to all four factory mounting locations and is made from strong yet lightweight aluminum. This bracket has been designed to work with ALL bumpers, including the factory 2002-05 bumper and offers a direct plug and play installation. All hardware is included, including the nut clips on the factory bumper that sometimes are missing. Check it out:



Want something more elaborate? The ScienceofSpeed Stealth License Plate Bracket allows the owner to set the license plate straight up and down, tilted back at an angle, or to be folded up and out of way. Our new model, to be released next month, has been modified to work with 2002-05 NSX. For more information:


-- Chris
I bought one of these to replace the flimsy front license plate holder that came with my car. I love it. Good quality. At car shows I just fold it up and in the front bumper. Of course I have forgotten to put it down after the show. Chris nice product and thanks.
Will it work with the STMPO bar in place?

Needs to be motorized, for when you get pulled over, and the officer says you dont have a front plate......would be halarious.....
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