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Need A New Clutch Recomendations

6 June 2004
Montreal, Quebec . Canada
Clutch Recomendations

hi everyone
I think its time for a new clutch it started slipping last night and im starting to shop around and cant make up my mind. Air intake, headers, exaust is the only modifacations i have done and i think eventualy a supercharger.
Any recomendations would be appreciated (clutch package)
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If all you are looking at is a supercharger (Comptech?), then the RPS clutch should be fine since it's supposed to hold around 400 ft lb torque. If you want real clamping force and have a bigger budget, look at the RPS twin disc carbon with 650 lb torque. I have also seen listings for ATS clutches with twin disc carbon. Another option would be to go to the SOS clutch comparison chart. Others have used the stock clutch with the supercharger and no reported problems.

jorligan said:
Others have used the stock clutch with the supercharger and no reported problems.Tim

My clutch has only about 2k miles on it and it slips on the 1-2 shift. Not bad but it still slips. :frown:
when they say that the rps clutch has a heavy pedal effort. Do they mean that if i ever get stuck in bumper to bumper trafic or just leasure street driving i could end up not having to do legs at the gym that day
I just had the RPS Clutch installed and although pedal effort is high, one does get used to it over time. Take-up is very quick and I am not ashamed to admit that on occassion, I still stall out. But over all I am very satisfied.