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Need advice re compatibility of parts

10 June 2001
Hong Kong
owner of a 91 RHD, in need of the evaporator sub-assembly.
part # per HK dealer : 80210-SL0-013 but may be discontinued by Honda Japan.
However, 80210-SL0-A02, the US part number is still avaliable ex-stock from Japan.
before I may have to order such which is near US$ 1k, can any fellow owners confirm the parts are interchangable.
I think its the same as the difference in LHD/RHD re the a/c is identical as there is no electronic/emission requirements.
Many thanks.
Its getting difficult to source parts from Honda now as the car is over 21 years young!!:eek:
<table class="all-component-parts" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="reference-code">10</td> <td class="part-number">80210-SL0-A02</td> <td class="description">EVAPORATOR SUB-ASSY.</td> <td class="list-price">$484.20</td> <td class="our-price">$348.62</td> <td class="required-quantity">1</td></tr></tbody></table>

$1k!! You are being ripped off.

Here are pics of 80210-SL0-A02 in my garage (old and new)

However I don't know if it will fit for your application though...