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Need an AEM tuner in Florida

13 June 2005
West Coast Florida
I just finished installing my Angus AP-X turbo on my '93 NSX. I'm in the Sarasota, FL area and need a tuner. I am looking to keep my driving within 2 hours so that would mean Orlando/Tampa/St.Pete or as far as Ft. Myers/Naples area.

Any help much appreciated. I went with the AEM FIC. Thanks!
Theres a guy in Orlando Central fl. Turbo. He tuned my Corky Bell 13b. It was Haltech ECU. But he does AEM also along with others. Go to centralfloridaturbo.com I think i talked to Sergio.
Alpha does some great work with forced induction cars and does a lot of insanely powerful Supras. He tunes in Tampa and Orlando, here's his number (727) 505-1423
Talk to Jason at Patton Automotive. He does all my NSX work and I believe if he's not qualified he'll be honest about it and give a good recommendation.

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I have no affiliation with him except he's my mechanic.