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Need assistance from a nsx/stereo guru

27 November 2005
SoCal ✈ Vegas
I currently have an all-stock setup in my 1994 nsx, and am (*gasp*) pleased with the stock speakers for the music I play in my car - as my car is currently setup I have the antenna disabled (for aesthetic purposes), and only use the headunit to change between discs in the alpine cd changer in the trunk - I have been interested in installing my ipod into the car, but have been putting it off...

With this scenario in mind it occured to me that even with an adapter attached to my oem headunit I would just be using the oem deck as a (fairly heavy) go between for my ipod and the speakers, I would not be using its radio functions or cd changer functions if I were to have a working ipod port - so, my question:

I understand there is a need for some sort of an amplifier between the ipod and the speakers, but how are the actual speaker connections setup? Is there a simple turn key setup I can purchase online, that will hook up to the OEM speaker connector, and in turn hook up to an ipod? I would be looking for something I can mount where the OEM deck is now, attach to the OEM speakers, and plug directly into the bottom of an ipod - I would then run the 'ipod cable' to the center console, and replace the oem center trim piece with one of the blank 'carbon glass' pieces sold by dali, with a cut out for the climate control, but the appearance of a stereo delete - the ipod would need to be 'chargable' by the interface cable, but aside from that all radio functions would be controlled directly from the device - does this sound reasonable? It would allow me to remove the alpine 6 disc from the trunk, as well as the OEM headunit, and I wouldn't lose any functionality I would miss... what do I need to buy to make this a reality?
This would be pretty easy actually. All you need to do is make a custom stereo harness with female RCA jacks. Then get an IPOD connector that gives you RCA outputs like this one. Plug those into the female RCAs on your stereo harness and that should do it. Not sure if the phono plug to RCA connectors would give you good sound, it might...

You just need a regular Honda harness Metra PN: 70-1720 and solder in some female RCA leads.
It seems like a rather odd plan when you can easily integrate the iPod to the head unit.
However ......
The amps are in the speaker assemblies themselves so you don't need much of anything to do what you want - simply a switch to direct power to the amps and a harness adapter to feed the input signals into the harness. Do a search on harness adapter in this forum & you will get a good idea how to do that.
You will simply use the controls on the iPod for control & volume etc.
There are actually no electronics that would be required. Just the harness interface & an on-off switch.

I see Malibu beat me this time ;) But I think an integrated adapter for the iPod which supplies power etc will be more useful.
Here's an adapter that will make the iPod integration relatively simple - http://www.logjamelectronics.com/blitzuii.html
Then you just need to make the adapter harness as described by Malibu with either a Metra or American International harness - you will need some Y- splitters however so you can feed the 'rear' (actually the footwell & centre speakers) too from the single stereo pair.

Here's how it would go together (colours are accurate with exception of the light grey pair for the RCA's - should be white) Each pair of wires for the RCA plugs is a plain colour plus a black stripe e.g. purple & purple/black which you solder to an RCA Male Phono Plug.
The Y-splitters are commercially available, like these at RadioShack.


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Hmm, so this would be my shopping list:
1. Blitzsafe UII Universal iPOD® Interface
2. Metra 70-1720
3. 2xRCA splitters?
4. 4xRCA female jacks?
5. Carbonglass 'stereo delete' center console

And I would just wire the blitz interface, via rca connectors, to the metra harness, which would clip directly into the car - the ipod end of the blitz connector would then get fed into the center console, where it would connect to the nano - out of sight, and being charged by the blitz interface. The blitz interface, and the speakers as well, would also connect to a switched +12V line.

Is there a good online diagram of what the leads in the harness go to, for referance?
4 MALE Phono jacks

And also you need a switch to power on the amps - too bad the Blitz doesn't have a remote power out.
I attached a diagram in my post above - it's 'on-line' because I created it especially for you!
Instead of the splitters, when you make the harness you could just combine the front and rear left + with +, then - with -. Same for the right side.

If you need me to make you one of these harnesses, let me know. I can do it at my cost, plus you are local to me.
Wow, D'Ecosse, thank you for the diagram, exactly what I was after, and Malibu Rapper thank you for the offer - if it would not be too much trouble that would simplify things greatly, just PM me with the price and we can meet up.

Thank you all very much for the help, I honestly had no idea where to start on this ;)