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NEED HELP FAST Waterpump / T-belt Service

16 February 2001
Northern VA/ Wash DC
In the FAQ there is mention of "Drill a hole in your existing lower timing belt cover so the water pump weep hole tube can stick out, then fill the old hole w/silicon glue"

Is there a TSB for this procedure, my dealer will not do w/o a TSB and is trying to sell me the cover $112 cover.
I don't know of a TSB. Maybe someone else can help.
However, it is very common and something that a number of people have done. I asked the exact same question a couple weeks ago and had response from a number of people who have done this. Strictly cosmetic in an area nobody can see. There is no reason to spend the money if you don't have to.
There is no TSB describing the process of cutting the hole. I cannot imagine any manufacturer advising their mechanics to cut a hole in a timing belt cover when they have an updated cover available.

I know that doesn't really help you, but that is the situation.