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Need help finding reputable machine shop to refurbish my engine in Houston

2 May 2009
I took my 95 NSX with 70K to local dealer to find out why the check engine light was on. To my shock, they took the engine apart ($2,600) and found a scarred cylinder and a pitted head. They told me my options were to buy a new engine for $26,000 (not including labor) or have the engine refurbished for over $13,000. I know that dealers are much more expensive than indepedents. Could someone please recommend a cheaper way to fix my car (ie reputable machine shop that has worked on NSX's, or certified NSX mechanic that works out of his house in spare time). This engine problem is my worst nightmare come true!!! Any usefull information would be greatly appreciated. I need to let the shop know what I am going to do my monday morning.
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please view your other thread for my response.

you should NOT be paying a dealer $26,000 for a new engine and you should NOT be paying a machine shop $13,000 to refresh the engine.

those costs are very high. contact Science of Speed for turn-key engine systems and make sure to get member's input from your area. (for their 3.8L stroked turnkey engine, you'll pay around $15,000 and that engine will produce significantly more power than the stock engine ever did, this being their most expensive advertised option, with many less expensive options available)

best of luck.