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Need Help(Soon 2 B NSX owner)

6 December 2001
Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
Well I'm gonna get a 97' NSX Targa real soon and I want it to look real........racecar! I was thinkin of addin the following parts-New bumper, side skirts, underbody tray, rear fenders, wing, diffuser, center exhaust and hatch w/scoop. And I need to know the answers to the following questions.
1.)Who to send her to?
2.)How long is it gonna take?(estimate)
3.)How much for the labor?(estimate)

The parts alone should cost about $20,500.
But I need to know how much the labor would be so I can average everything. I also need to know a really good shop to send it to because, I mean who has $20,000+ to waste? And last I need to know how long is it gonna take-because I have dreams of it bein on the cover of a magazine one day. Please help,anything from you NSX lovers out there would be much appreciated. Thanx 4 readin
who has $20,000+ to waste?

Apparently, you do.
Well the car I'm lookin at is red but I'm gonna splash some candy over the whole car when the body,interior & engine work is finished.The end car will be Candy Black Pearl. And no I don't have 20k+ to waste!

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Please try it again. It was not enabled in the beginning so if you tried it a long time ago it would not have worked.

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