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Need help with 03 CL Type-S

26 January 2011
Hope this is the right spot in the forum.
I daily drive a 2003 Acura CL Type S 6spd manual. When I turn the AC on my temp starts to go up then holds steady at roughly 80%. I turn the AC off the temp drops back down to normal. Air begins to blow warm of course. Both fans run when the AC is on.
Yup, check coolant, coolant temp sensor, & thermostat. Also check coolant overflow tank, if the coolant kinda looks like a milkshake, you may be looking at a blown head gasket although that is REALLY rare for a J32A2. If you had an A/T, I'd actually say it'd be more common for your tranny to fall out in the street lol.

Might want to check over at acurazine.com in the CL section and see what they say. Good luck---
Delayed update:
I did a coolant flush and it runs much better but when it gets hot in the afternoon it still overheats. With AC on it now runs at 70% temp and when I turn it off it immediately drops. Coolant looked fine when it drained out.

Both fans come on.
Not a head gasket.
Coolant flushed.
What is next? coolant temp sensor? Thermostat?

I'm bettiing that your thermostat is sticking.