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Need Help

27 November 2000
Gaithersburg, MD
I'm new to this forum and I have a 91 NSX and I want to hook up a nitrous system to it. Not much, but a little to help my 1/4 times. Does anyone here live in my area, that can help me out. Email me at [email protected]

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I would talk to the folks at Altered Atmosphere in G'burg. They mostly do DSM cars (3000 GTs, Ecipses etc) but it's all nitrous and turbo work. They should be able to do the install for you.

RM Racing makes a conventional kit for the NSX. The ZEX nitrous system ($500??) is pretty fool proof. The Venom VCN 2000 nitrous system offers multiple operation modes and system tunability but at a pretty steep price ($2K list).
I heard that the RM kit is very effective as it is very stealthy and can be activated with one of the horn buttons when armed. Where does the bottle go?

I just purchased my NSX as well and the person I bought it off mentioned that nitrous systems were available and if I really wanted that extra punch now and again that it would be a good idea. Where does the bottle go and how big is it? Will a police officer see it in a traffic stop, how hard would they have to look? I don't want to be caught with it as I know it is illegal on public roads.

I am pulling the site up now!
bottle in trunk; can't be seen...


Todd Arnold
The best/easiest place for the bottle is in the trunk. Most kits including RM come standard with a 10lb. bottle.

If you haven't removed the engine cover, you would have to open your engine or trunk for someone to see the kit.

Where is Nitrous illegal, other than maybe CA for CARB resons?
That sounds good, but I do not want anyone to see it when looking in the engine bay at all. Zero Nitrous lines visible. I guess I will have to come up with something on my own.

Where is Nitrous Illegal?- Where do I start to answer this is the question?

1. On any public road. Fact in MD, need permits in NJ, not sure on other states.
2. At rock concerts in funny ballons.
Its illegal here in Texas(Houston), but most of the time the cops will be cool and just make you empty out the nos, and then give a warning!
There is no reasonable way you can do nitrous so a knowledgeable person won't be able to see it at all. You have to run the nitrous to the engine somehow.

I had nitrous on my old NSX and plenty of police saw it and never said a word. What is the statute number that makes it illegal? I have searched the VA code (I live in VA) and found no reference to nitrous systems. http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+TOC4602000

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I may be wrong but i thought in certain states you can not alter the engine in anyway...no turbo kit, no supercharges, etc. I guess NOS system would fall under this....

I think it would be pretty easy to hide a NOS system from a visual inspection if someone wanted to....just paint everything that could be exposed flat black with loom...spray fan goes under the underside and etc etc.