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Need some Help!!!

31 July 2001
Pittsburgh, PA USA
My NSX won't start. Everything that I know to check is fine.

1. Electrical power is fine
2. Gas tank is full
3. Starter is fine

it's a 1996, with approx. 31000 miles. has CT SC, Header, etc.... I bought the car last year and it has been perfect until today. All of a sudden, the car kept on stalling on me like it wasn't getting enough fuel...and that was after a 2 hour drive. Then I pulled up to the office and then it just won't start.

I've tried everything, it seems like the car is not getting any fuel at all???? Maybe there's something wrong with the fuel lines???

Anybody have any ideas? I'm getting it towed to the Acura dealer tomorrow and see what they say. I just want to get some opinions from you guys before they do anything stupid to it.

Also, where can I get information about getting an extended warranty on this? price/etc???

thanks in advance for any help.
I was just gonna say that...air, fuel, fire..unhook the fuel and turn the car over and see if any fuel comes out..
Im going with timing belt.It does seem a bit early but then again I cant see anything going bad at 30k.


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