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New 05 new member..... blue so nice!

Thank you and my gardner thanks you. Now if I can only have some one help me install my NSX-R boot and knob.....
Car looks great. I wasn't sure about the blue on blue until I saw one in person.
Bobolinski said:
Now if I can only have some one help me install my NSX-R boot and knob.....
Good decision. That 2002+ shift knob is whack!!
Beautiful!, may I ask what type of deal you got that was worth a 400 mile drive? or is it just because you had a hard time locating the color?

Only 2 05 cars in Calif total one silver one blue. Next car do into Calif is silver on silver. SouthCoast will be getting it. No 05 cars available west of Mississippi according to Acura as of 4-3-2005
Yay can you believe the Stealer put those on the car I laughed when I saw them.All they had in stock. I'll have them swapped out!!
I can't wait to see the mods start appearing! You will love the exhaust, and hopefully you will find the perfect wheel combo soon! I am glad that you decided to take some time with the wheel size decision. You will be glad that you did not go with the first plan. (at least up front) I envy you, blue is my favorite color, and the NSX is my favorite car. I am 1/2 way there! :biggrin:
am i the only one that can't see the pic's?
Nope,no picee.
Bobolinski said:
Here she is after 400 mile drive home from LA
Where's the pictures?????? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
whoa blue leather??!

im sure someone here has the stats, how many cars were made with blue leather? not many i'm sure
nice. but. why are the wheel locks in black? hummm :confused:
The stealer put those on I laughed my ass off when I saw that.All he had in stock I will have them swapped out shortly