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new cars listed

18 January 2008
City of Sin
I see several new cars listed for sale. There are a few that I like that are CTSC'd cars for roughly 34k. Than there are some that are asking waaay too much I think in this market. Here is a car that is a lot of money but the mods are nice but what if you don't really want $7k brakes? There are a few overkill items on this car. For this money I would rather have a FX500 Turbo kit from Factor X racing. You will get far better power and not be as limited.

Again, a car is worth what someone is willing to pay. These valuation posts are quite tedious unless you've bought AND sold an NSX before. Of course, if the car is too cheap then someone will post "what's wrong with this price?" With so many price experts in this forum, it amazes me how someone can sell their car at all.
If this car had reasonable miles on it and the compression checked out it is a very giood buy. It was seerviced by one of the best guys in the business and if you have the entire history it may even make the number of miles less significant. If I were looking now and this car checked out I would be all over it.

I looked at a car that did not check out w/CTSC and wouldn't make the deal even when the price dropped due to the fact that the problems are not worth the savings because they will cost more to repair.

You have to do your due diligence. BTW, If you have a CTSC NSX, great brakes make a lot of sense, if you ever drove a CTSC NSX.

My 2 cents,

I don't think that is a bad price. What year are the CTSC'd cars you're seeing go for $34k? This is a '99. Not to mention the laundry list of other upgrades done to the car beyond the CTSC. You may not get full value out of them, but they're certainly worth something.
Just like anything else for sale, a car is worth what someone will pay for it. You may not like X, Y, or Z mods, but someone else might.

Or might not.
Mods don't add ANY value to a car unless YOU want them to :wink:
This specific CTSC NSX started in so cal at $44,900 at European Coach. It was sold to Arizona Muscle and was listed $46,900 everywhere for a while. Arizona Muscle put in
- new wheels
- new stereo (which was missing when it was at European Coach's hands. Wonder why?)
- Brembo brake (not sure about this..)

A few days ago, Arizona Muscle raised the price to $49,900. I wonder if they added more
mods to it or just simply raised the price for a margin.