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New Continental SportContact 6

11 April 2018
Maryland / South Dakota
Finally got new tires. The rears were into the wear bar. Fronts were ok, but old from when new with date code back to 2016.

Went with the Sport 6 over the DWS All Season. Still thinking of a second set of wheels/tires for those.

I pulled the wheels and dropped them off at my local, no frills tire place that does excellent work on lots of high-end plus everyday cars. Old school shop with good techs and equipment.

The wheel stud things make life so much easier. I like how these are longer than some I’ve seen.

The old tires and cleaned up the wheels:

JPEG image 4.jpg

JPEG image 5.jpg

JPEG image 6.jpg

JPEG image 7.jpg


JPEG image 3.jpg


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enjoy they are a very good street tire.
they are very good in the wet too..
I can't tell but are those wheel chips by the caliper? It sounds like wheels are easily chipped but I think someone posted touch up paint that matches the color. Modern Steel Metallic" and the part number is 08703-NH797MAH-A1.
Think what you see near the X is just dirt that accumulates. I do have a few really small chips yet only noticeable when really close. They can be confused with dirt or dust.
Thanks for the paint part number - I made a note of it when it was posted a while ago.
I purchased my Continental tires from 4wheelonline and am very pleased with their performance. :)

Check the frustration thread. Just put the 06+ on in late March, now have a couple of hundred miles on them with some really hot weather. My confidence is growing, especially doing my normal 180 testy under a two lane bridge and up the ramp back, from a dead stop. So far so good, no slip, but perhaps my definition of heavy acceleration is not the same as others.

Old, but still fast, however to use an antique saying about pilots, "there are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold, pilots".

Or the second, on flying, it is appropos here as well

"Flying isn't inherently dangerous, however it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect.

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Picked up this bolt today. Luckily my tire shop was able to patch it in no time. Back to driving!

Thought I was in for two new rear tires and looking on Tire Rack the Conti 6s are gone, backordered to who knows when, the new Type S Pirellis are out of stock, and Michelin 4S are limited.

perfect place for a patch job. Lots of performance tires are back ordered..I had to wait 2 months just for the DWS 06+ for my suv
..and don't get me started on runflats....:poop:
Continental replaced my rear SC5’s with SC6’s on warranty. I was down to the wear bars at ~4500 miles. (Rears only)
Customer satisfaction.
Continental replaced my rear SC5’s with SC6’s on warranty. I was down to the wear bars at ~4500 miles. (Rears only)
Customer satisfaction.

Wow, that's about all I normally get out of a set of rears on the NSX or S2000! Guess I should have given Tire Rack a call.😊