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New Exhaust Tail - opinions needed


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
For about two years now, I have been using the Taitec GT Lightweight Exhaust. I used to love the sound of this exhaust, I think it actually fits the NSX. However, on long drives the sound level would get on my nerves and certainly on those of my girlfriend.
So, finally, I just have installed the Taitec mufflers that came with the exhaust just today and drove around a little bit.
I must admit, it certainly dampens the sound but not too much and I so far, I haven't noticed and degradation of my car's performance.
Here is a picture of my new exhaust:


I had to get used to it at first, but now I like it a lot. It makes the car look totally different.

What do you think ??
Is this April Fool's joke? :biggrin:
Looks like there is a burnt hot-dog in your exhaust. :tongue:
You might try installing it with the tube pointing in instead of out. Should work just as well and not look as strange.

maybe we're the ones that got it wrong and that it should be pointing out :biggrin:
drill some cooling holes (like a machine gun) in the silencers and it'll be hot. Then hook up some flames. It'll be the new fad.
This looks really different, makes your car stand out.:cool:

I also feel the GTLW on my NSX is a bit too much on longer drives (maybe even more than with your's as I have the CTSC). I just might put the inserts on too: dampen the sound and get a "different" look to add.:rolleyes: