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NEW Here ... Steve from TO

Hi Steve,

The glossy blue wrap looks nice, it will definitely stand out amongst the other NC1's!

I'm assuming TO= Toronto? If so, many NSX owners in the GTA are a part of the NSX Club of Canada. Most members are 1st gen NSX owners, but there's a growing group of NC1's that have joined as well.

I recommend checking out their website (nsxclub.ca) or sending them an email ([email protected]) if you're interested.

There are also a bunch of Facebook groups and WhatsApp chatgroups you can join to meet up with other NSX owners talk tech and go for rides together.

Cheers, and welcome again!

BIG thank you Lucas, exactly what I've been wondering.
Will definitely reach out. Also, looking for a good tuning shop in Toronto (Yes) to install a set of downpipes and likely a JB4 ... any suggestions ?
Lucas, I'm actually just north of you in West side of Stouffville ...

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I see we are a real talkative bunch here ...
Nobody can suggest a good shop in Toronto ??


Steve, for more immediate replies the FB group might be a better option. Lots of info on here, and a solid knowledge base, but the traffic does move at a slower pace than social media.

That color looks really great BTW. What were your thoughts on the Evora?
Will look into those Superhatch, and tahnk you
Evora, one day I will regret letting it go, hands down the most engaging, connected car you can get for around the $100k price tag ... simply awesome.

Jaja ... thank you
I've been using the guys from GTA WRAPZ for years ... they are absolutely fantastic
BTW, I'm just north of Markham too