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New hoops for a new-to-me NSX!

29 May 2012
So, I'm headed down to pick up my new car next week, but the owner has informed me that that tires are flat spotted because the car has been sitting so much. So, I decided to mount some new tires on a set of wheels I just got, ship them down to a local shop, and throw them on for the drive back.

Going with Bridgestone Potenza RE760's. Anybody else use these on your NSX, and if so, what did you think?


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I use them and I love the 760's yes there are better performance tires out there but for an all around tire the 760 is amazing I also use them on my Jetta daily driver. They hook really well in street conditions
Depending on the year make of the car I consider getting a 4 wheel alignment to the newer model specs. Otherwise you'll be replacing rear tires
more often than you like. I recently did mine and am very happy with how it looks and feels. Hopefully I'll get a few more than 6000 miles now.
What kind of wheels did you get?
I added a picture up in my original post, but they're black Work Emotion XD-9's. They're 17x7.5 +50 in front, and 17x9 +44 in the rear.

They should do for the time being until I can get a different set that I want. I just so happen to have these after doing a partial trade for the supercharger off of my S2000. Since they were just laying there and the guy I'm buying from told me what was up with the tires that are on the car currently, I thought it couldn't hurt. The car will look better AND I'll get a smooth ride home. Win win for me!
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