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new made in the USA Wings West kits in stock now

6 February 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
I have of 5 the new made in the USA Wings West kits in stock now. The material is shinier and stiffer than the old material, (no pix handy yet) but the side skirts should not "sag" in extremely hot weather anymore.

Other "updates:

They do not ship with mounting instructions, tape and mounting screws.
The side skirts do not have mesh over the brake cooler intake opening.

- all of that and a higher price too - I guess it costs more to make them in the USA than in Mexico.

All body shops have the 3M double sided tape and screws needed for mounting these though, and the old WW instructions are posted on-line in our library. If you didn't need a whole kit, all parts are also available separately.

Link to the VIS/WW kits