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New owner say hi

25 February 2002
Zinzinnati, Ohio
Sold my 97 Supra TT and got a 92 30k miles blk/blk NSX. I have been dreaming about owning an NSX even since I laid eyes on it and am proud to finally own one. This car is definitely a keeper and I look forward to many enjoyable miles with her. Thanks to all for your contributions to this very informative site. Without your help, my quest for the perfect NSX would have not been possible. Btw, any forum members in Cincinnati, OH area?
Congrats and with only 30,000 miles where did you find it?

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory

What are your first impressions of the NSX, compared with your Supra?

Btw, any forum members in Cincinnati, OH area?

1BADNSX is in Dayton and is planning the fourth annual Buckeye NSX Fly-In. He has hinted here of some special plans for the event. Join the NSX Club of America to make sure you receive advance notice of this and other club events.
Congrats on the find. Not in Cinci, but found my 97T with 16K miles on it there. Must be a good place for NSX''s
Good luck!
In my opinion, the Supra and NSX are two entirely different machines. The Supra is capable of being transformed into a fast straight line car with relatively little $$ invested. I spent only about $2000 on the basic performance upgrades and created a pretty fast car. However, I think the NSX in a different league. The NSX really shines on the top end and handling is perfect. I bought my NSX in Florida and drove it back to Cincy. Although it was 10 hours long, I enjoyed every moment in it. The NSX remains very exotic and reliable throughout...that’s why I took a big step by upgrading to a 10 year old car!! However, the supra and nsx have something in common and that both these machines are great engineering marvels from japan!
Congratulations!! Be sure to post any questions you have and we'll all be very happy to help. I think you'll find this forum very helpful and respectful..... something you may or may not have experienced on Supra forums. Great cars but hard to talk to many owners without hearing about a 'kill' story.
You'll definitely NOT hear a kill story here.
Congratulations!! As an owner of a '91 Black/Black (albeit with "slightly" higher miles (114k)) I have a few questions/comments that will hopefully enable you to enjoy your purchase even more:

1. I assume you checked the transmission number (not the VIN) to make sure it was not in the "snap ring" range.

2. You may want to look into the Dali Racing window fix-it thingy here

3. It might be a good time to replace the radiator hoses (regardless of mileage). I believe there was a recent thread on this forum on this.

Have a great time in your new NSX!

'91 Black/Black

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I did check the transmission number and fortunately it's not in the "snap" ring range. The window regulator on the driver side has also been replaced by the previous owner. I think I will get the window fix-it thingy for the passenger side though. Planning to change the time belt and water pump this summer. And as far as the hoses, I got it changed as soon as I read the recent thread on it. I just ordered a set of Racing Hart M5 wheels with Toyo tires. Can;t wait to put them on. However, I am still debating whether I should have the car lowered. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

The M-5's will look great on your car. One of my favorite wheels on the NSX. My guess is you will want to lower it after you install the wheels.

Watch that front end!
I'd lower it if you are getting 17/18 upgrade. When you have it done, you'll know what I mean. I went through the same path. The larger diameter of the wheels and lower profile tires contrasting the wheel well gap, makes it look like a 4x4 or wagon wheels.

If you have a lowered NSX parked next to one with OEM springs, you'll see that the lowered one has a more aggressive stance.

I'd caution against it if you live in an area with a lot of steep curbs and driveway entrances. You'll chew up the driveway scrapper (chin spoiler) in no time. Otherwise, go for it.

The RH M5 is a good choice. Just make sure that you get tires that won't set off TCS.


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