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NEW Performance data for refresh NSX type S(japan)

22 September 2000
Dallas TX
I am pasting this from the Best motoring forums. One of the Moderators/insiders posted this info:

No official word on the upcoming NSX type R from BM yet, but a quick update for you NSX freaks from Best Motoring's most recent February 02 video.
0 to 400 meters times are as follows

Old NSX type S-Zero; 12.478 secs
New NSX type S; 12.764
Nsx type S; 13.236
NSX type R; 13.154

While the new Type S is a hair slower ion the 0-400 meter run, Tsuchiya and all the other drivers who drove the new car showed how much better balanced the car is. Only car to lap Tsukuba circuit in the 1'5" range.

New NSX type S; 1'5"83
Lancer Evo VII; 1'6"04
old NSX type S-Zero; 1'6"07
RX-7 Bathust?; 1'6"18
old NSX-R; 1'6"31
old NSX type S; 1'7"6

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

Originally posted by POWERED by HONDA:
The Type S is heavier than the Type S.Zero. So when (if) the new Type S.Zero comes out, it should be killer!

My understanding was that starting with the 2002 model, the S Zero is replaced by the Type R (coming full circle, in that that the S zero replaced the Type R when they switched to the 3.2L engine).

So I think there will be the coupe, the nsx-t, the type s, and the type r.

In any case, yes it should be killer =)

I went to my local japanese bookshop where I usually pick up Best Motoring videos, and they only had the Jan 02 video. My understanding is that the Feb 02 video has all of the new NSXs road tested, so I'll keep my eyes out for it.

So, if the engine is the same, then the additional balance and poise of the new Type S is coming from the suspension and aerodynamics... Now, I have to check the specs for the suspension difference between the prev Type S and the new one...
Apparently drag coefficient is down from .32 to .30 was well. I wonder how much that actually helps? I am am sure that retuned suspension set up has alot to do with the better performance, as well as wheels/tires. But there has been no info so far on whether or not they added aby re-inforcement to the Targa tops cars. anyone know? (I know the S isn't a T though

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?