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New Products from ScienceofSpeed

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
New ScienceofSpeed Rapid-Series Shift Knobs

New Rapid NSX-R (Long) Shift Knob maintains exact ball shape as the factory NA2 NSX-R shift knob with the addition of a 30mm long base that allows the shift boot to not be stretched out on US cars. Excellent design for drivers who tend to shift with hand on top of shift lever with pointer and middle finger gripping knob.



Billet Aluminum Racing Pedals for the NSX

New gas pedal design aids toe-heel downshifting. Check it out!



Plug and Play 255 lph Fuel Pump


best regards,
-- Chris
Chris, these look like they are differnet from the AutoVation version or am I seeing things :cool:

The gas pedal appears to have a wider lip at the bottom which should help more given that the brake pedal is still the same size. Are you still offering the NSX logo in colors on them? TIA.
I like those pedals. I might have to pick one up when I head to Arizona this Friday on business.

What's the difference between Textured finish vs Machine finish?

Do I have to pay tax if I live in CA, and buying it from your local store during my visit?

How far is your shop from Surprise, AZ or Mesa, AZ?
The design has changed (including the extended gas pedal as noted). We do not offer the NSX logo design as it is a trademarked logo.

Textured adds a high grip rough texture that aids grip. Please make sure contact us in advance if you will be stopping by, as these are not always in stock (but please feel to stop by regardless). Surprise is about 45 minutes, Mesa 5-15 minutes depending on location.

take care,
-- Chris
I got the rapid NSX-R Long shift knob and just love it. It is beautiful and feels great to drive with. Great upgrade over stock knob, shortened the throw too.
I bought the textured pedals, and they are very nice. Man do they grip your soles! Makes your feet feel really solid and secure when jumping on the brake. And they look schnazzy too. I'll try the improved heel and toe action (due to the wider gas pedal) at the track in a few weeks.

I used the machine screws and locknuts on the brake and clutch pedals, and used the wood screws into the plastic for the gas and dead pedals. It wasn't easy drilling the holes in the brake and clutch pedals due to lack of room down there, coulda used a right-angle power drill attachment. But I eventually got it.

How about a group buy on the pedals? I can imagine a lot of people would want to get in on that . . .

I know I would . . .
I would buy a set of the pedals too! What do you say SOS? I love my shift knob, but it really needs the pedals too......