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New to guy in the area (for a little bit)

27 February 2012
Pinewood, MN
Hello hello my name is Austin I have been floating around on hear for a bit but never introduced myself, just bought my first NSX in LA and cant wate to get my hands on it. I'm from northern MN but I have allot of family all over CA and I will be living in the San Diego, Pasadena and Tusten area off and on for awhile this summer and I'm looking forward to getting to know people in the NSX community and some of the activity's and what not. I come from a long line of car enthusiast in my family and I have owned a huge veriety of cars for a guy that just has a reguler job and lives out in the middle of nowhear lol, some of you probubly have seen my car before but eather way. 1991 bone stock (not for long) red/black 5spd 76k miles, not going to get to crazy this year just exhaust, wheels, a few cosmetic things and that's about it for now.


Well welcome to la :), go on les's drive on the 15th. Good way to meet everyone then. Track addict also has a 99 % bone stock 91. Hope to see you around.
Welcome to SoCal. If you are an enthusiast, you are going to love the SoCal group. First meeting is next Thursday at South Coast Acura in Costa Mesa. We get there around 6PM and hang until 9. Hope to meet you there.
thanks for the welcome I wont be flying in till the 12th so I'm hoping to do the get together on the 15th so I will be getting in touch with whoever is in charge of that event. I'll have the car out there for about another month but after that I'll be coming back hear and there but the NSX will be going home to MN.


I live in Sierra Madre, next to Pasadena. I'm NSXless at the moment (sold my 95 in Jan), but would enjoy meeting a fellow NSXer.

Hey Austin, welcome!

Its nice to see another NSX in MN. I am from St. Cloud/Rochester area. If you ever want to get together and go for a drive or something, maybe to Cars and Cafe, let me know!