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New Touchup paint part number

23 March 2005
chicago-area, IL
hey guys,

just ordered my some touchup paint for my 96 Red from the dealer.

08703r77aapn is the part number - available in a single bottle - price is ~10 - looks like R77 color code.

It will take 2 days to come in.

I have a big rock chip to repair on the hood...

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Get some of this to go with your touch up paint. Do not let the paint completely dry before using it or it will not work and you will have a "blob". If you try and use it too early, it will just pull the paint out of the scratch and you will have to try again. The results are as advertised and it is not hard to do. Just buy the basic kit. It comes with a plastic card and the included instructions tell you to use an old cotton pillow case to wrap around it. Clean the surface first with rubbing alcohol.

If it is a big chip I would not try to do it all at once. Put on several thin layers of touch up paint and let dry between layers.When you've built up close to level with the existing paint then make your blob and use langka on that.