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new wheels and tires for my red 92 nsx

14 January 2001
fairfax VA USA
I am thinking of replacing my stock wheels with something a little nicer and larger. I currently have Yokohamas on there now with the stock Acura 5 point wheels. Any suggestions or recommendations? I was thinking either 16 front 17 rear or 17 front and 18 rear. I like the 5 or 6 spoke design of the tecnomagnesio or Kosei K1 Racing. Has any one tried these out? I am working on a little bit of a budget so on racing hart c2’s. Also what would you recommend for tires/size?
Huum well what color is your car? If its red with black top then get the oem 97 black color rims i dono what thier called but you can find them. Thats what i want for my 91 same color combo. It'll look great i saw one a few days ago it was lowered waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool. I'll get them all soon. peace mustafa.
If you are going with 16"/17" combo, then 94 up OEM would be the best choice IMO. For bigger size, I dunno. there are lots of nice looking wheels.
Originally posted by sjs:
If the late OEM are too prciey for you, consider the SSR Integral. (Tire Rack can get more sizes than listed)

I have these rims on my car.. check out my profile for pictures..

I have recieved alot of complements on them and like SJS said.. their not that heavy compared to OEM.

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181
By the way what is the max tire that can fit on rear stock OEM 91 rim?
I was thinking on getting 245/50/16 on a stock rear rim or 245/45/16

If any one did this please let me know,
By the way what is the max tire that can fit on rear stock OEM 91 rim?

Go to the FAQ section called "Tire Tech" and scroll down to where it says "How wide a tire can I put on X rim?". Also remember that you're going to want to keep the outer diameter of the tire same as stock.

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