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Newbie from UK needs help removing gear knob

6 July 2005

I'm a newbie here, I've been lurking for quite some time but haven't posted till now.

I picked up my new 05 a few weeks ago, what a car :)

I've got an NSX-R Ti gear knob but I'm having trouble removing the knob on my car.

I've searched the forum but cannot find any instructions for the new style 04/05 knob.

Can someone please help?
if its like the 02 shift knob you have to pull down the shiftboot so it unclips from the shiftknob then you just have to twist it off

here is another post with more info:

that aside, if this is the 04/05 weighted shiftknob, ill take it off your hands :biggrin:

send me a PM

here are some pics of the 2 shiftknobs


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It's the 04/05 knob, like the one in the second pic.

I've tried pulling the boot down, but it didn't want to move - I didn't want to force it.

I also tried unscrewing the knob, but that too didn't want to move - I tried quite hard.

Maybe I should try a little harder?

If I do get it off I may sell it ;)

I seem to remember using a vise-grips to turn it and ended up chewing the leather up pretty bad ('04). The NSX-R knob then screwed right on, though I used Lock-Tite to put it in the right position (couldn't get the shift pattern aligned with the console).

If there's a better way, I'd love to hear it - need to get the knob off the '05 when it gets here.

Ok, Here is the deal

The 04-05 shift knob does not remove like the previous ones.

It has a lock nut (jam nut) that is underneath the shift boot that needs to be losened with a wrench prior to unscrewing the knob. So the easiest way to remove the knob is to remove the center console and then unscrew the lock nut. so in effect on an 04 / 05 if you are going to replace the knob you might as well at the same time replace the shift boot with a zanardi or my choice the NSX-R CF mesh. The steps below are from memory but only should take you a few minutes to perform. better instructions can probably be found with the search.

Try a search on instructions on how to remove the center console. but here are the essential steps. (from memory)
(1) remove the false floor (thin black metal piece) in the bottom of the inside of storage compartment (armrest / cupholder). once this is remove you will find 4 screws that need to be removed to get rid of the storage compartment.
(2) once this compartment is removed you will see either 1 or 2 scews at the rear of the plastic center console. these are removed (i think it is only one scew)
(3) remove the ash tray and you will find a couple of scews that are removed.
(4) remove the clock (look inside the clock for screws holding in the center console and remove
(5) remove the center a/c vent (and then remove the screws holding in the plastic center console. The ac vent removal is not for the timid (you will be concerned the first time you do this) as you need to simply pull it straight back toward you and it will come out.
(6) at this point you should be able to lift the plastic console up and get to the lock nut for the shifter to remove it. if it is hard to get the console up at this point then look to see what scews you haven't removed, as with all screws removed it easily comes up. Also there are two connectors that need to be unpluged in order to completely remove the consule... so you will need to unplug these (they are under the ash tray area and easy to get to) if you would like to take the console out.
A trick for step #5:

Use a driver's license to push up on the clips on the two ouside edges of the vent. Jamming a screwdriver or thelike into the vent will always scratch the center console.