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Nice seats!

your absolutly correct :biggrin:

No good..

The same type of thing happened when I got my car; it was listed on ebay, but via the phone I negotiated a price below the Buy It Now. The seller didn't pull the auction right away, so I just clicked "Buy It Now".. I was a little nervous that he'd try to stick me for the difference.. Fortunately the seller was very cool, and kept his word in every way. Honest people are still out there :)

That looks like a really nice car...and the price seems fair as well.
The seats are AWESOME (Im kinda sketchy about the no pwer seats thing. All my other cars have power seats and memory settings :biggrin: .lol)....Yes he definitely needs to pull it out of the auction, but Im not worried as I have a signed BILL OF SALE...lol

"but Im not worried as I have a signed BILL OF SALE...lol"


I test drove 8-9 NSX's, bought 3, have 3 bill of sales.
1st (2) 91's the sellers backed out.
(1 got greedy, the other could just not let it go)
Got lucky and ended up with the 3rd car.
(things always work out for the best)
What would happen if someone hit the Buy it now button?
Just thought I should mention this..................
I guess no one told you but our power seats don't do a whole lot and again no memory. On the other hand, very comfortable.

What are you doing about seat belts? or are you using a racing harness since part of the belt bolts onto our seats. Getting the same Sparco Milanos for the other car. Tim