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Nissan Says No Hybrid for New GT-R

13 May 2018
"Do you really, really want a hybrid for the GT-R? Ninety-nine percent of our customers say, 'No, thanks,'" Tamura told Motor1.com at the New York Auto Show.

Adding a gasoline-electric hybrid setup like the Acura NSX, Tamura said, could push the GT-R past $200,000 – and for Nissan, that's looking like a no-no.

Another reason why Nissan isn't apt to completely rewire the current R35 is that it typically redesigns each GT-R's platform every 20 years, according to Tamura. When the R32 revived the Skyline GT-R nameplate in 1989, it retained the same basic underpinnings throughout the R33 and R34 series. The R35 was a clean-sheet design that, for the first time, officially busted the Japanese "gentleman's agreement" restricting engines to 276 horsepower (it made 480, even though many suspected it made much more).

If they’re smart they’ll implement a hybrid system in the Nismo. Just leave the GTR ICE with a price around 100-125k.