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NOO! I lost wheel lock for my Volk duraluminum lug nuts!

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
I have Volk Racing TE-37 wheels on my car and I also have the matching Volk ultra-light lug nuts. There is a special 7 sided lug nut with a slight groove for each wheel to prevent people from stealing the wheels... I believe I lost the lug nut adapter last time I changed my oil. It really sux, because I am getting the 60,000 mile service done this week and plan to head to the track in 2 weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has lost their duraluminum lug nut adapter before? If so, what did you do...

Worst case, I will have to try to order a new lug nut set with the matching groove size. I feel like a retard for loosing it.
Contact the shop you bought the lugnuts set from. they should be able to give you a replacement. I lost one of my lock lugnut and tirerack just sent me a whole new set for free
If you are unable to get a new key take your car to a tireshop. They usually can remove the locks. There usually aren't very many different keys made. The tireshops usually have a lot of keys laying around.If they don't have a key they can usually still get the lock off. The lock usually gets destroyed. The way the thieves do it is to pound a socket that is just a little bit smaller than the lock onto the lock. Then the just turn the socket to remove the lock. The tire shops way is very similiar.
I'm using the duraluminum volk wheel lugs on my TE37s too. Will my wheel lock key work on ur lugs? The wheel lock looks like a standard design. What do u think?
Kenji, I think you are pretty much @#$^ed, hehe. Just kidding. It's certainly possible to call Rays and ask for a new key. Since you speak Japanese, it shouldnt be a problem for you. I also got a new set of Ti lugs which I will replace mycurrent Rays set with. Maybe I can sell you my old set? Let me know.

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