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Not a good weekend

9 January 2004
San Francisco
I was coming home from work yesterday when my roommate asked me, "What happened your car (NSX)." I said, "What are you talking about?" He said, "Who keyed your car?" :eek: :eek: :eek:

I got home and checked... I didn't see anything :confused:
Then I got a little closeer and saw key marks from front right fender all the way to the rear quarter panel. a really deep mark on my driver door and some on the hood. From 10 feet away, can't really see them. It must be the light color.

I think it happened on Sunday when I went to that stupid M-class drive at Monster park.

Oh well.....
That sucks big time!!! That's why I don't take it to the shopping center or anywhere the car is not visible from my sight There are too many as.hole out there that is jealous...
that definitely sux! I hate it when people vandalize other peoples property. :mad:
That sucks big time. People who do these kind of senseless acts should be shot. Really, I think these scums are just parasites of the society and are good for nothing. :mad:

Sorry to hear that/ Man i brought my nsx to the MB event too. but i parked all the way in the back. away from all cars. but now i have to double check just to make sure.

Sorry again to hear that sung.
Whether i have the NSX or not, Street of willow is soooooooo far away :tongue:
Besides, if I do goto Streets, I'll take the Civic's probably better to take.


klr01tlr said:
Geez, that sucks your car is so clean. So are you still going to the Streets of Willow in May? Sammy
i'm with Ariel (Mr. "cherry") here, i always drive around and look for the corner spot to park. :redface: i guess it comes with driving a NSX. :biggrin: sorry to hear about the hater out there. would it be a x who did it?

amgnsx said:

Sorry to hear that/ Man i brought my nsx to the MB event too. but i parked all the way in the back. away from all cars. but now i have to double check just to make sure.

Sorry again to hear that sung.
Man I feel your pain...I parked my 92 in the middle of NOWHERE and came back to a FUKIN' passenger side door chip. Right near the key hole where the body starts to roll down into the side.

Now a $250.00 fix it by a pro touch up guy. If I ever see this happen to my car in person, I'll probably be in court shortly there after...... :cool:

Sorry for your mishap, some people need a bullet and a pine box.

i just had the same thing happened to me last week. I found out that there were about 3 scratches on the rear driver side fender on Sat's Dyno run. One deep and one long (almost 1 ft.) I was little pissed off by it when Ron pointed out to me.

I don't really go out much during the week, only drive to work during the day and then go home. When I’m at work, I always park my car in the back ally for the shades and avoid people. I've also made a habit of parking on corner spots whenever i go out. I drive my NSX ALOT and I’ve always try to be as courteous as i can when I’m behind the wheels and almost never confrontational. So far, I’ve never had any problem like this happened in the past.

Anyways, as I leave off to work this morning, my mom told me that she and my dad were driving on 237 over the weekend. There was a really serious accident that had just happened. The car was parked on side of the freeway and it was totally messed up with fluids all over the lanes. As my parents drive pass the car, they saw a woman sat in the diver seat with her head hanging down with blood on the side of her head and not moving (hopefully just unconscious). Minutes later, a dozen police cars rushed in with ambulance and fire trucks.

When I hear about the incident, my heart just dropped. My thoughts and prayer go out to this woman and her family, I hope she’s able to survive and recover from this unfortunate accident. I think we are very lucky to have a chance drive our wonderful NSX, even though we might run into problems from time to time, but we can always find a way to resolve them. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy when it comes to life; life is fragile, God gives and God takes.

I think for the person who scratched our cars, someone who would do something this devious, they obviously have issues in life that’s much goes much deeper than those scratches. Am I upset about this? Yes a little bit, but it’s still something we can fix. Obviously you have a very beautiful NSX, and for something like this to happen, it’s not an easy thing to swallow, but I hope my experience can make you feel a little better about it.

Speaking of fixing those scratches, I am wondering if it’s a good idea to use the blue painting tapes (the ones you can peel off easily), isolate the scratch line as much as we can from the panel and then use touch up paint on it. Has anyone try this before?