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23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi all, just a warning for anybody trying to do future business with this young man.

I had purchased the so called Comptech bar from this young fellow, we met at a local Crispy Creme at my lunch break, so needless to say, I was in a bit of hurry. I did ask him that the bar doesn't look like a comptech, he insisted it is.

After careful examination, (and post a question on Prime), this bar look like a Dali. I did called him back and politely asking him the option of 1. I returned the bars and harness to him, he gives me money back. 2. He offer me a fair value (the bars are very very worn and chipped and most part) of this Dali bar, and give me some money back.

He insisted that the seller of his vehicle, 96goldnsx, (which happens we know each other) told him it's a comptech. Well, I called the original owner of the vehicle and Dan told me he's not sure if it's a Dali or RM, but he only paid 300 something for the bar :eek:

So this nsexy91 fellow tried to stiff me for $650 with two totally useless(No manufacturing / expire date found, dirty harness. I called him and he just said he had my email and phone number, he needs to look into it himself. Well, it's been two days and I had left messages to him asking what he decided. NO REPLY. :rolleyes:


If I still don't hear anything over the weekend, I'm going to bring it to the Small claim court. Meanwhile I just want to broadcast the message out.

Suspect: Jeremy
Screen name: nsexy91
Cars: 96 Black (repainted) nsx, Red viper.
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