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NSX '93 Auto Revving and Engine Maintenance

16 June 2010
Newmarket, ON, CA
Gonna be honest, I love the NSX for the history and for the symbol it stands, so I baby it so much and only drive it on the weekend. I don't know how to drive manual, so I got 93 automatic. I want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible!

1) Heard that in order to keep the car pristine (manual owner). needs to rev the engine to red line, but does this apply to auto? I feel auto, the red line maybe lower and definitely don't wanna experiment myself but want to hear from knowledgable owners. Should an auto be revved high to preserve the engine (>5000 rpm).
2)if so, should the 4 gears be 'played' with to allow higher revving, and if so, what gear to what rev.
3) I know auto is different from manual, so when does VTEC kick in in an auto ? I know for manual I think is 3rd gear at around 6000 rpm, and 5000 rpm at higher gears.
4) What are some tips to maintaining an auto other than transmission oil change around 7k.
5) I know engine breaking is BAD, so is it recommended never down shift on an auto or are there other tips?

The reason I'm asking is, I don't want to rev if it hurts the car, but I do want to rev if it preserves the engine. Thanks in advance for your help. I know I'm asking lots of Qs, any answers will be greatly appreciated [don't need to answer all]

I don't want to rev if it hurts the car, but I do want to rev if it preserves the engine.
Driving the car with the revs up high in the revband doesn't do anything to help preserve the engine, but it doesn't hurt the car either. So don't go out of your way to do so. Just drive normally - taking the car to redline in lower gears when you need maximum acceleration (such as on the racetrack), driving the car in the highest gear possible (lowest revs possible) when you're looking for maximum fuel economy (such as in long-distance cruising, and probably most daily driving as well).
Oh thank you, good to know. I just had the simple-minded logic that 'engine' is like the 'brain'. To preserve it, you need to challenge it [make it do what is meant to], else it will deteriorate, especially the NSX is made to perform, so that's my reasoning. Thanks.
I think its always good to get the RPM's up in the higher range on a car like this. Exercising the V-Tec is good for all the related components. Redlining is not necessary, but exercising V-tec I think is a good thing.

Regarding changing the transmission fliud, I am not sure where you got the 7k interval. Seems a bit excessive to me. Usually you want to change trans fluid every 3 years or 30K miles.


According to the wiki the service interval for transmission oil every 24 months or 30K miles.(Not sure this applies to the Auto)


Found an interesting thread with a discussion on shifting early at low RPMS

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