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NSX 94 AUto, vibration.

15 February 2005
Hello, Im in Australia and own an 94 NSX auto, I just had it service, from top to bottom, timing belt, spark plugs air, fuel filter, the works....

but still at idel there is a slight vibration.....

they said the engine mounts are perfect////

WHat can I do?


If the vibration is new, or worse since the service was performed, than the t-belt is likely off by one tooth, probabally the rear exhaust cam. If it is the same-in fact if it has always been there, it is possibally normal. It usually gets a little worse when in drive, at idle, because the idle speed is a bit lower (despite load compensator) but mostly because of the load placed on the engine by the tourque converter.
PM me if you think it is abnormal or a new problem, and we can share some of my experience on the matter.