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NSX, a keeper?

10 February 2002
Windermere, FL, USA
Wondering how many of you consider the NSX a keeper car? I have had 6 cars in the last 18 mos. I get bored easily with cars. I have a Plymouth Prowler as a keeper car, and considering the NSX, as another one.

Anyone have the NSX over 10 years, and/or plan to keep the car as long as possible?
Yes, I plan to keep my NSX until I can't drive (or at least shift)! I'm 40 so that will probably be a while. The only maybe about it is if I upgrade to a 97-01 model.

I also own an AMX and I will also keep as long as possible and I've owned it for about 20 years now.

Meanwhile I drive a company lease car that I turn in every so often so I do get to experience newer models and new cars and keep the toys as toys.


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I agree that the NSX is a keeper. I have had many different cars and would say that the NSX is definitely my favorite so far. It is a reasonably priced exotic that has daily driving capabilities. What more can you ask for? I think NSXTASY is one of the longest NSX owners. Any opinions, Ken?
I, too, have had a bunch of cool cars, but I think I've finally found a true keeper with my NSX. In fact, that's what motivated me to buy it in the first place -- I asked myself, if I could buy any car, but had to keep that one car for the rest of my life, which would it be? The answer came down to two cars: A Porsche 993 Turbo and an NSX Coupe. I chose the NSX because of its engineering, dependability, and because the I just felt like it was the most unique and exotic of the two. Every time I drive the NSX, I'm sure that I made the right decision
Originally posted by ck:
I think NSXTASY is one of the longest NSX owners. Any opinions, Ken?

I bought my NSX new in December, 1990. It's still a thrill to drive, on the street or on the track. I have no plans to get rid of it.

I realize that some people get bored with a car, no matter how good it is. I also realize that some people have to have the newest, hippest car on the scene. So those folks may need to change cars often.

OTOH, if you have a certain set of criteria that you look for in a car - some combination, perhaps, of reliability / handling / acceleration / styling / value / exclusivity / etc - then you're likely to stick with a car until something comes along that meets your criteria better. This doesn't happen all that often - even with any car chosen on such a basis. And on top of that, the NSX was far ahead of its time, and probably had more impact on the high-end sports car market than any other car in the past twenty years. While there are cars that are clearly superior to the NSX in one or two specific traits, I still don't think there is anything on the market that is clearly better in every way, except maybe a newer NSX. And those who feel that way are likely to hold onto their NSX for a long time.
If I were 20 years older, Id be one of those old guys you see showing up to the track with their original early model Porsche 930 that they have owned since new. Instead, you will probably see me in 20 years with my old NSX still running strong.

Of course, if you have gone through that many cars in so short a time, this may not be your scenario.
Originally posted by NSXTC:
If I were 20 years older, Id be one of those old guys you see showing up to the track with their original early model Porsche 930 that they have owned since new.

Give me eight more years.
Im on year 8 ... wouldn't give it up for any other sports car. This is the longest Ive ever owned a car, and my NSX will probably always be that way

Ive had my fair share of sports cars, and the NSX was the one I "stopped" at when I bought it.

I debated buying a newer Targa... but then remembered why I bought the 92' to begin with and forgot all about the Targa

Hey Joe Rad, I have a Plymouth Prowler also (2000 Silver) and I have an NSX also. I crashed my first one two years ago and had planned to keep it for ever. I quickly replaced it with another '91 with only 11k miles on it and plan on keeping that also. I hope to hang on to the Prowler too, I really do enjoy that car on such a completely different lever.
Two Months from now will only be one Year since I took ownership on my 91 that I waited many years for. All I can say is this car is everything and more than I ever expected looks,performance,reliability etc I just cant see myself driving anything but. Only thing that might change that is if I hit the big Lotto...like that will ever happen so it looks like I'm a NSX owner for many more years.

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I don't have an NSX yet, but when I do it will probably be a 91-92. I plan on keeping it until I can afford a 97. But, by that time I may want a 2007 NSX

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
have you driven an nsx yet??? i looked at and drove a lot of different exotics, and picked the nsx. its definately the best bang for the buck, especially if you want overall performance with driveability. i just got back from a 500 mile road trip to chicago and felt completely comfortable the whole trip. not too many exotics are that comfortable....thats a real wow in exoticaland.
I agrees with all the reasons why we want to keep our NSXes for a long long time. Even if I win a lottery, I'd still keep my 91 X. Of course I'd have a Porsche 993 twin turbo as well. I may even keep a 360 for a few months until I get tired of it.

For the time being, the NSX will do.
my six year old son already has dibs on mine.
My 93 is going to stay with me forever. =) Hey, NSX's are going to be collectables someday.