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NSX accepted Monterey Car Week!

29 October 2011
Bay Area, Ca.
I am excited to say that I was just notified that my 98 Monte Carlo Blue NSX was accepted to the Carmel on the Avenue event during Monterey Car week! They told me that it is the first NSX they have ever admitted, and they like the NSX as a hand built, all aluminum, Japanese collectable car. When they called me they mentioned that are looking for a few more in alternate colors that are in unmolested, excellent condition, upgraded wheels are okay with them. They asked if I knew of any others in different colors and that they might be looking for 1 or 2 more to admit. It looks like the NSX is beginning to show some increased collectable interest, and lets try to get a few more there to represent. Here is a link to the application for anyone else interested: http://www.motorclubevents.com/PDF_EntryForm2012.pdf

Event link is here: http://www.motorclubevents.com/
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I don't understand why does an applicant has to pay $250 (or great) just to show his car while they are also making money from spectators. Win and win situation- collecting money from the car owners and spectators.:rolleyes:
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Congratulations, gelat0.Awesome news. Looking forward to pics.

Get out the camel hair detailing brushes and lint rollers. ;-)