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NSX engine takes 4ever to warm up?

When you say the car takes forever to warm up, are you only referring to the reading on the temperature gauge? For example, after driving five minutes or so, does the heater work?

The heater will just be luke warm and not be hot if the thermostat is stuck open. The coolant that regulates engine temperature is the same coolant going to the heater core.
The 3/8 mark on the gauge or thereabouts is normal warmed-up temperature. Be happy if it never goes higher even on hot days.

Yes, all this talk about "middle" is misleading. Mine gets to 3/8 in about 2 miles or so and stays there.

Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, the thermostat does not help cooling.

People who have removed the thermostat on track cars have learned this is not the case. A removed thermostat is more "open" than an open thermostat...coolant flows too fast for optimized heat transfer. So, it is normally necessary for cooling unless you replace with a proper-sized orifice.

That aside, you're correct...main effect of thermostat is to bring/keep engine appropriately warm. In winter a bad thermostat can be very obvious (watch temp gauge drop).
This is possibly the same problem i have had, it started off like this and got worse. Have a read here. http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=158651

THANKS! So, I'm not sure whether is it the Thermostat/coolant issue or the Gauage sensor [is 'Gauge Sensor' the technical name?]. Should I bring it to the Acura to diagnose, or should I just change both @ Acura ?

Also, above, several members liked the idea changing thermostat and flushing out [coolant right? not engine oil...coz I just changed engine oil 1/2 yr ago?] and reapply Honda/Acura coolant.

Really appreciate your help!
Oil is thinner when it is cold ...

Nah, t'other way round. Oil gets thinnner as it warms, plus engine expands a bit. The two effects combine meaning less restricion to flow, thus the much reduced oil pressure when car is warm.

Although there's always the tricky question of whether the crankshaft expands more than the holes in the block holding it ... :smile:
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THANKS Prime. You guys are AWESOME. T-stat problem [spring broken], easy fix :D

But it did amount to $300 @ Acura -_-
Labour 2 hrs = $ 220 + $60 T-stat + $20 coolant.

But u know what, I'm ok with that knowing my baby runs well now :D