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NSX fiesta 2012 Japan

Awesome. I still talk about the 2010 event all the time. I had so much fun there that we're considering vacationing there as a family next year.

Doesn't seem like 2 years has already passed.
Interesting to see only one imola and only two lime-green cars. Looks like they favor white wheels.
When and where in Japan was this?

Nvm found it. June 23-24 at twin ring motegi
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Sigh... that many authentic NSX-R in one place... it just isn't fair!
man, i wish i couldnt of went. My car has been in the shop since sept 2011 . Hopefully i will get her back next month =D
Awesome!!! Spotted a couple lime greens :biggrin:

Anyone spot any better pics of them?