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NSX Gear In Time for NSXPO

Regarding colors for the fleece, I agree with Red,Black (i'll take one of each) and what about Silver Grey (similar to the fleece from 05 XPO). Many people wear Grey,Black and Red. Unfortunately Green and Yellow are less popular for day to day use. Blue is another popular color but I think a rich silver grey would sell well.

Just my two cents.

The rain jacket sounds like a winner. If it comes with a pouch or folds into its own pocket it would be a great item to leave in the car behind the seat for sudden squalls. Send me info on whatever you are selling and I will put the word out for pre-sales. You offer quality with a great logo and I'm up for anything NSX :biggrin:
RichH said:
Get you NSX Gear in time for NSXPO.
Official, licensed gear is available from the NSX Club of America website, as described in this topic. The website link for ordering is:


Then click on "NSXCA Merchandise". All embroidered items are available with the choice of either the NSX Club of America logo:


or the NSXPO 2005 logo:


Items are available in a variety of colors, and can even be customized with your own embroidered text - with your name, or the name of your region or chapter, or even your NSXprime username!

The following items are available (click on photo for larger version):

Short Sleeve

NSX Short Sleeve Henley

NSX Track Stripe Trim Polo

Long Sleeve

Columbia Lewisville Long-Sleeve Brushed Twill Shirt

NSX Classic Button Down Denim Shirt

NSX Long Sleeve Pique Knit Sport Shirt

NSX Long Sleeve T-Shirt

NSX Mock Turtleneck


Columbia Sportswear Cougar Flats Jacket

NSX Sport Fleece Full Zip Vest

The NSX Legacy Microfiber Jacket

The NSX Navigator Jacket


NSX Ladies Sleeveless Knit Shirt


NSX Beefy T with Pocket

NSX Quarter Zip Sweatshirt Pullover

NSX Ringspun Crewneck With Tipping


NSX Six Panel Sandwich Baseball Cap


NSX DOUBLE POCKET CLUB BAG (temporarily on back order)


Non Wearables

The following items are also available, but only with the NSXCA logo:

NSX Glass Etched Paperweight

NSX License Plate Frame
Carbon Fiber NSX License Plate Frame

NSX Tire Gauge

NSX Men's Dual Display Watch

NSX Club Patch

Gift certificates are available too!
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I have already purchased several tshirts in various sizes, tire gauge, patches and other official NSXCA gear :biggrin: I will continue to do so in my obsessive NSX quest to have a shirt for every day of the year that says something about my love for our rides :cool:
I have also purchased non NSXCA items that are unique or are available from known NSXophiles like Rich. I think it would be a great idea to have some NSXCA apparel items or at least the patches from NSXPO for purchase at the event in Phoenix. I know it would be difficult to have the clothing available for purchase (too many sizes) but how about some of the bags, accessories and the like and the patches with the club logo as well. Last year many people commented that they would have bought lots of stuff if it had been offered for sale. After all this is a club event and what's a few more bucks to go home with an extra shirt, hat or whatever to add to the collection?
Looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix :smile:

We will indeed have many different official, licensed apparel items from the NSXCA for sale at NSXPO on the Vendor Day. While it may not be available to take home with you immediately (due to sizing as you suggested), there will at least be samples of different items that can be delivered to you after NSXPO to help you cherish the memories. These items will be available with the NSXCA or NSXPO 2005 logo as Ken had mentioned. The NSXPO 2005 logo is really SWEET looking in person. We've had many different people comment on how great the logo looks, particularly on some of the mementos that are being prepared for this years event. So you can either order some of the official, licensed apparel through the NSXCA before your trip and arrive in style, or pick out some items during the event.
Come on guys, sorry you feel it necessary to advertise in my thread.
Shame on you guys :biggrin: crushing the little guy! :wink:

I am sure you guys will sell a great deal of stuff, you always do. The Logo does look great!

A link to the NSXCA thread would have been sufficent.

My new pictures will be posted after the weekend. The new "NSX GEAR" hats and black track shirts are awesome and will be "officially Licensed", soon!


I thought Red, Blue, Black and the Gray for the fleece, the rain jacket is a outer shell, and it does fold into a pocket, it is pretty cool to keep in the trunk or backpack.

I am planning to be in Phoenix. I am still waiting to hear back from Amanda (who is in Canada for a memorial service for her mom) to confirm she can attend also, before registering, booking flights and stuff.

Just registered.

I'll keep you guys updated.

Cheers Rich
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Just a note of clarify, The NSX Gear (Uppeast NSX GEAR) this thread was intended to promote has nothing to do with the NSXPO items others have decided to pitch here. "NSX GEAR" can be viewed HERE

The NSX Gear / Uppereast Gear, design and quality is unique and different from those offered from NSXPO and the NSXCA. As I stated below a new fall product line will be posted after the weekend.

All items are stocked. If your size is not available at time of your order. It will ship within a week. Your check is NOT deposited until your items ship.

The embroidery is being done by the same company did hats and fleeces from NSXPO 04 in Watkins Glen and for the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

The highest quality materials and embridory.
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