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NSX group Seattle SyKart racing April 30th

9 June 2004
Hey guys - I know I mentioned this to a bunch of you at the meet and I've been talking to other car enthusiasts as well. I want to gauge interest around gokart racing on Saturday April 30. I'd like to be able to contact SyKart with a list of ppl so that we can work some sort of discount. My brother is also in town and his favorite car ever is the NSX and he's never even seen mine... so seeing lots of NSX'es would make his trip. :smile:

Let me know.
As I told you, I'll be there. Now, is that possible to move it way past lunch, so we can go kicking it in the Go kart then have dinner altogether?? Having a big greasy lunch before Go Karting is.... hmm... could get messy.

ok, the real reason: I don't get off work until after 3pm... so... ;) If the weather is doing us any favor, we might be able to group drive to some nice spot for some sunset pictures.

Lets see if Gene can "drop off" Susan at South Center with his credit card :biggrin:
I'm totally down for an afternoon carting/dinner thing. That would be cool. Let's plan on sometime after 3. I also think it will be cool to mix it up a bit since we've been doing the Claim Jumper thing for so long. I think at the end of this week, I'll email to the whole group for those people that don't check Prime regularly.
Count me in for the fun too......My schedule looks open so far but if something pressing comes up I will have to deal with it instead (work before pleasure).

As far as dropping Susan off at the mall with a credit card, well, I just don't think it is a good idea. I have witnessed some serious damage done with a little piece of plastic. :eek:
With the little time we have to spend together, we are always trying to do things as a couple. With 23 years under our belt, I think we must be doing something right.
Of Course we'll see you there. If you have any friend interested to play Go Kart and hanging out with us, bring them together too. We might be able to get some sort of group discount if we have more people joining us.

Brain, do you have more friends interested to join us??