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NSX GT3 graphic decal

27 April 2021
Hi everyone. I saw a 2017 130 white NSX listed by one of the Acura dealer has the blue GT3 checker decal in the front end. Does anyone know how can we get the checker decal from Acura? Thank for all the help.
I haven’t been able to find anything. Can’t believe Acura is missing the boat on merchandising, but not surprised. I do have a couple NSX coffee mugs.

My plan is to go to my local fast sign shop, have them pull up the Acura Motorsports page and also pull up pics of the GT3 then point out what I want. They can make vinyl stickers or banners.

Tip… if doing a vinyl sticker with text, have the text printed on a background so it goes on in one piece. Peeling off lots of individual letters is a huge pain.
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