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NSX In S.Korea

4 December 2008
99y 6-speed T-Top


Hre 547R with Stoptech front big brake.

Gruppem intake

Gt-rom F1 ver 4 full exhaust

excedy clutch kit

More pics to come when its finished..


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Cool to see an NSX (and a radical one) in S. Korea, and welcome to Prime!
nice, but needs some rims to complement it!

where in south korea is this?
Recent pictures

Some more pictures


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I am also in S. Korea. I haven't seen one yet but in the classified in Yongsan there's an early 90's NSX for sale for $17,000 USD. I am in Suwan area. Nice NSX you got there.
I got F:30mm R:50mm spacer yesterday

If you get new wheels made, you'll have F:30mm and R:50mm of extra lip that will give that car the deep dish wheel it deserves!

BTW, I don't think running 30mm and 50mm spacers are good for the wheel bearings.
Welcome to Prime!! and Ohn yo hus sei oh.

sorry but that would be my attempt at Korean.. hehe