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NSX Insurance Premiums

6 June 2004
Los Angeles
Got a question for the car insurance experts.

I currently insured my NSX with an estimated annual mileage of 2800 miles. I was wondering if I would save money by reducing the estimated mileage to about 1500 or 2000 miles I heard that most insurance company premium calculation bottom at 3000 miles which mean there is no difference in premium between 3000 or 1000 miles.

I will probably drive less than 1000 miles, but I'd just keep the estimate higher if there is no difference in rate.

Just put the car on a storage insurance policy and don’t drive it. It shouldn’t cost more than $70/mo.
Is this a standard policy with your daily drivers? Do you know what the total loss value is on this policy? In the event of a catastrophe, you dont want to be sitting there with some low-ball kbb value.

I think Haggerty is one of the more popular carriers here. You just tell them how much of a total loss value you want and they give you a quote for that amount. I had a $68k coverage level for awhile and my premium was ~$1500/year. I dropped it to $50k and my premium is now ~$1000/ year. I'm sure many factors play into how they figure a quote but their site is easy to use to get a free quote.