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NSX mentioned in Motor Trend Saleen article


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26 March 2000
Chicago, IL
In the August issue of Motor Trend, the NSX is mentioned in the "Visions of Le Mans" article - they gave their impressions of the Saleen S7R race car.

"Easing into the first corner, the steering felt light and extremely accurate, not unlike that othe mid-engine Acura NSX. The nose dove eagerly into the apex with effortless precision, requiring zero correction. Exiting that low-speed corner, the S7R produced the unmistakable, mechanical gear-against-gear whine only race cars make, confirming it's built to handle serious power. This time, unlike the NSX, the Saleen produces in excess of 550 lb-ft of torque, pretty much anywhere in the rev band."

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I think it was also mentioned in a recent review of a Mosler M9 in one of the monthly car rags. I think it's interesting that the NSX pops up as a comparison in so many reviews.